A voix et à mains nues

october 2022, Atelier de Paris

À voix et à mains nues is a choreographic, plastic and musical rite about the reappropriation of knowledge and our imaginary worlds. The initial image is a heap from which a song escapes. Three women emerge from this shapeless mass and begin to build a kind of house. Wood, textile, straw, neon and microphone stands are the tools they have at their disposal to give body to what seemed inanimate. The gestures of use borrowed from self-construction enter into resonance with light, literature, music and architecture becomes the basis of a “rêverie” on the history and the future of our buildings. In order to re-found our histories and influence world affairs, it is necessary to reweave the link between our memories, the gestures of use and our fragmented present.

Concept Jeanne Brouaye
Interpretation  Jeanne Brouaye, Estelle Delcambre, Lucie Piot 
Musical compositions Jeanne Brouaye 
Sound designer David Guerra 
Scenography Jeanne Brouaye, Alice Panziera, Margaux Hocquard 
Light designer Alice Panziera 
Light management Youri El Fassy
Stage management Margaux Hocquard
General management Nicolas Douchet
Costumes Marjorie Potiron 
Dramaturgy advisor Camille Louis