Born in 1983 in Belgium, Estelle Delcambre studied dance at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine in Angers, France. From 2004 onwards, between France, Belgium and the Netherlands, she has worked as a dance performer with various choreographers: Ann van Den Broek, Nathalie Béasse, David Hernandez, Hans Van Den Broeck, Jens Van Daele, Satya Roosens, Félicette Chazerand,Didier de Neck,…In 2011, she created the duet “Madriguera” with Ivan Fatjo and undertook a research project with the visual artist Evelyne de Behr. In 2022, she created the solo performance “Marée haute”.
She is currently performing in “Le bruit des arbres qui tombent” and “Ceux-qui-vont-contre-le-vent” by Nathalie Béasse, “A voix et à mains nues” by Jeanne Brouaye, “Stones” by Astero Lamprinou and “M.ondes” by Marielle Morales. She is also collaborating on Jeanne Brouaye’s new creation “(M)Other“.