july 2021, Cloître des Carmes Avignon festival

Nathalie Béasse

The end of one piece is always the beginning of the next… It starts with a lull, as if there had been a whirlwind and then everything had stopped, as if we had gone a long way and then we find ourselves gathered around a table to read out letters. To talk about absence, to speak of what lies between the words. The silences will be punctuated by fragments of literary texts and poetry. These actor-dancers will be both the performers and stage hands, manipu- lating the lights and accessories, making the effects. We watch as everything constructs and deconstructs before us. Everything plays a role in this game. We will transform the obstacles into child’s play. Like we build an installation, like we paint a canvas, applying colours and blending them, layering them and taking them away. Awakening all our senses, visual and auditive, to find the child within us, and let go, into our dreams, without trying to make sense of it all.

concept, direction and scenography nathalie béasse
with mounira barbouch, estelle delcambre, karim fatihi, clément goupille, stéphane imbert, noémie rimbert, camille trophème
music julien parsy
light natalie gallard ou sara lebreton
sound management nicolas lespagnol-rizzi
stage management alexandre mornet
set design stéphane paillard