Ils dormaient encore


In this ‘Sleep Universe’, Dutch author Toon Tellegen tells tragicomic stories of insomniac animals. The show is for everyone who can’t sleep without hearing all the adventures of sleep, the squirrel, the ant, the whale, the chameleon and all the other animals. These animals ask themselves a thousand questions about solitude, friendship and solidarity, often questioning the order of things and the world.
Director Didier de Neck has chosen to present Toon Tellegen’s poetic world visually and true movement, so that the author’s words speak to the body as well as the brain. The performers are at once narrators, dancers and all sorts of animals, but they are also the night, the forest, the waves,… Often awake, but at the slightest opportunity ready to fall asleep because as everyone knows, sleep is so good!

Directed by Didier de Neck
Performers Andréa Bardos, Estelle Delcambre
Lighting Maria Dermitzaki
Graphic design Marianne Hansé