june 2011

How can two people, a man and a woman, share the same space ? What are the possible connections between these two individuals ? Which ways of communicating, which language can they develop apart from words ? What kind of relationships can grow and how will they evolve ? How can they get along, reach out to each other, protect each other and protect themselves from the other ? By improvising and listening, Estelle Delcambre and Ivan Fatjo, in collaboration with musicians Akosh Szelevényi and Gildas Etevenard, created this duo that explores different situations and different affects that arise when you raise these questions.
Creation and interpretation Estelle Delcambre, Ivan Fatjo
Music Akosh Szelevényi, Gildas Etevenard
Outside eye Carole Bonneau
Accessories Julie Fleureau, Estelle Delcambre
Lights  Christian Scheltens, Ivan Fatjo