Oracle is an eyes-closed vocal improvisation practice reading diverse spaces; from the body interiority to private living spaces to public spaces, like train stations, parks, institutions, forests and urban gardens. It interacts with these surroundings through instant sound and movement composition and expands the boundaries between individual emotional expressions and shared public space. Each practice session is unique to the moment and context. Oracle interacts with time and spaces in an unusual manner; sometimes through live-readings, sometimes through telepathy. oracle’s prophecy reveals the past, reads the present moment and talks about a possible future. Often oracle is touching upon profound self-realisations about personal habits, failures and needs. However it can also be funny, absurd and intimate. The borders between therapy and art are apparent. We see the oracle practice as a way to develop strategies for personal artistic research with care and attention to self and the other. 

Concept Michel Yang, Justine Maxelon and Caroline Daish
Pictures Rasa Alksnyte