Props for drama: Suspension of disbelief


‘The term suspension of disbelief refers to the viewer’s willingness to accept the presented narrative as “real”, within the set boundaries of the fiction. This allows him to identify with the story and empathize with its characters.’
In a colorful musical film, set against a surreal background, typical of the genre, we follow a girl trough the different chapters of her life; from a young child, towards an adolescent woman. In a staged world she enticingly sings about her own state of mind. The enchantment is brutally interrupted when the set and the camera crew become unexpectedly visible. The film draws the viewer into a story within a story, lead on by an exhilarating soundtrack, trough a world filled with impossible events.

Written and directed Sarah & Charles
Original score & sound design Lieven Dousselaere
Choreography Siet Raeymaekers
Performed by Lee Aertsen and Linda Blomqvist and by Marcus Baldemar, Siet Raeymaekers, Estelle Delcambre, Steven Michel, Maria Silva, Alma Soderberg, Hendrick Willekens, Pavle Heidler,…
Director of photography Hans Bruch Jr.
Duration 14’07”