september 2022 Brussels

The architectural landscape of our dense capitals brings together so many fragments and stories of different styles, from Art Nouveau, Art Deco to modern, post-modern and mainstream architecture. Buildings constantly appear and disappear.
How does this urban space of mix and match affect and inspire us? How can each distinct architectural style inspire choreographic movement?
Three dancing bodies try to answer these questions with humility and humanity. They evolve between the dust, inspired by distinct architectural styles but also remembering the overcharged and contradictory exterior, a landscape that attracts and respells them. They reveal their intimacy and translate the contradictions of the outer space into pulling and pushing actions that allows them to reach further from the limits of the empty space that surrounds them.

Choreography  Astero Lamprinou and dancers
Dansers  Daan Jaartsleveld, Estelle Delcambre, Louis Nam Le Van Ho
Original Music Orfeas Mitsotakis
Costumes Astero Lamprinou
Light Wenceslas Kaboré

Astero Lamprinou